Gear won’t make you faster. But having the right tools and equipment will make you more efficient and able to conserve your energy so you can perform at your peak!! These are my favorite things including gear, information, and where to research for yourself.


I prefer Zone 3. But there are lots of great suits out there. Here’s a review of the 14 best.


Again, lots of great choices out there. I ride on Felt. Just a great, so efficient. A bit expensive. Here’s more options if you are on a budget.

Tri Kit

These are special two-piece outfits that dry quickly, give your butt padding on the bike, and are comfortable enough to wear running. The best are Zoot in my opinion.

Running Shoes

Get yourself fitted at your nearest independent running store. Running is HARD. A good pair of shoes are hugely important. My local shop here in Maryland is RNJ Sports.


You need to experiment here and see what works best for you. Everyone is different. Personally, I like GU and Skratch Labs.