For over 8 years, I have trained triathletes of all levels to achieve their maximum fitness. I am a Level 1 USAT Triathlete coach and cover all distances from sprint to Ironman. In-person or online coaching is available depending on your location and budget. Cyndee uses Training Peaks to maximize her coaching.

Cyndee can also develop a full training plan for a specific event you are training for. It can vary in length and is highly customize-able.

Coach Cyndee has and can also train runners for various distances from a 5k to a full marathon. A few clients have even trained for an ultra – going 100 miles!!

Coach Cyndee has worked with many athletes and understands that every athlete is unique. A basic training plan is often not going to cut it for an athlete to achieve their best. Training plans should be unique. Cyndee designs these programs to best fit with your individual schedule.

I am an experienced triathlete who has completed several Sprint & Olympic triathlons.  I was ready to start training again after a two-year hiatus. I didn’t really know where to start. Cyndee was a huge help in getting me back on track. She is always available and only wants to do what’s best for her clients (like me!!) Can’t recommend her enough!!!